Collectibles Market Analysis- Size, TAM, SAM, Competitive Analysis, Emerging Trends & Investment Opportunity

Collectibles Market Size is expected to be $420 billion in 2021. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6 % during the next five years. Luxury handbags, art, Coins, vintage watches, rare wine & Whisky are estimated to remain favorites during the next five years. However, Demand for Collectibles such as colored diamonds, Furniture, and Jewelry will remain sluggish during the forecast period. The online auction will continue to attract investment and we, at Staticker, expect Metaverse & NFT in the collectibles market to act as game-changers.

The growth in the collectibles market is to remain muted in the year 2022 with no noticeable sign of gaining momentum. The hawkish rate hike by the fed will certainly restrict the flow of capital, ultimately making the dollar strong. Emerging collectible markets such as APAC may see volatility in near future. Rising inflation, adverse geopolitical conditions, and high crude oil prices will act as headwinds for the broader collectible market. However, anecdotally, NFT-linked collectibles are not supposed to lose their shine this year. Limited editions may be sought-after collectibles in the near term but in the long run, rare and vintage collections will retain their position as blue-chip collectibles.


Collectibles Market- An Investment Opportunity or Speculation

Collectibles are nothing new, people around the world have been collecting antiques, art, memento, Sports memorabilia, and luxury & precious items from time immemorial. However, I or you might have collected coins or stamps, thinking its intrinsic value will increase over time, which in fact has not been appreciated till now.

The funda is simple, the intrinsic value of Collectibles is directly proportional to demand and inversely proportional to supply. Time definitely adds value to collectibles. This makes collectibles unpredictable but isn’t it the case with other assets like blockchain & stocks. Yes, it is! So, to a naïve person, it will always look like speculation but to an investor, it is an asset class that helps them diversify their investment. Moreover, historically collectibles have been used for noble causes such as charity.

The target customers for Collectible auction houses are ultra-high net worth individuals, however, with the advent of digital collectibles (NFT), more & more retail investors are pouring in their money into the collectibles market. Some of the collectibles such as Furniture, Colored diamond, etc. have lost their shine over time while some of them started glittering with time. Whether starting a collectible business or investing money, Staticker lets you make informed decisions, mitigating the risk of eroding capital invested. Staticker market researchers identify trends in the evolving collectibles market.

Not Every Collectible is the same!

Staticker delivers you the following Information on Collectibles Market:-

  • Collectibles Market Size (TAM, SAM, SOM)
  • Collectibles Market Size Future Projections
  • Collectibles Market Size Historical Analysis
  • Collectibles Market Geographical Analysis
  • Collectibles Market Geographical Expansion Strategy
  • Collectibles Market Regional Feasibility Analysis
  • Collectibles Market GO-To-Market Strategy
  • Collectibles Market Sales Strategy
  • Collectibles Marketing Strategy
  • Collectibles Market Competitive landscape Analysis/ Benchmarking
  • Product Portfolio Analysis
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Target Customer Analysis
  • Collectibles Market Fundraising/ Pitch Deck Report


Online Auctions & Digital Collectibles are the next big thing in Collectibles Market

The online auction marketplace was nothing new in the collectibles market. Top auction houses like Sotheby’s (partnered with e-bay in 2002) and Christie’s (launched its own online platform in 2006) had an online presence since the dotcom bubble burst. It is only in recent times that auction houses were not allowed to have physical exhibitions due to Covid19, so, they shifted online. The majority of the participants in online auctions were millennial collectors.

NFT-linked digital artwork shows tremendous traction among millennials as according to Christie’s 3 out 4 collectors investing in NFT-linked digital art were millennials with an average of 42. With timed online auction sales reaching a million-dollar mark and increased millennial participation, social media marketing may gain traction in years to come. Digital collectibles will push the acceptability of crypto or Millennials who have invested in crypto are likely to buy digital collectibles. However, Staticker doesn’t see crypto appreciating in 2022.


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Metaverse in Collectibles Auction

Covid 19 has heavily disrupted the collectibles market. Due to the lockdown, an industry that was totally dependent on the physical marketplace has gone online. A huge surge was seen in online transactions of collectibles since the mid of the year 2020. Governments around the world were printing money to avoid getting into a period of economic recession.

However, this leads to a decrease in the value of money and the super-rich class started investing in Collectibles through Online Auctions. So, for some collectibles, it was a period of tremendous growth, however, for others, it led to a nose dive fall in their sales figure.

In this digital era, the collectible online auction is a must, however, tangibility might be an issue. However, the metaverse can have a disruptive effect on the collectible market. First of all, metaverse will significantly increase the number of customers visiting an auction with the help of metaverse auction centers in various regions.

For instance, an art gallery in Paris can have a metaverse art gallery exhibition in New York, London, Berlin, etc. where customers can see, touch & even buy the art through the metaverse. Online Auctions are great but are it a complete solution. I doubt! Metaverse is more of a speculative term now building future business platforms on this needs careful evaluation. Staticker specializes in vision consulting, Strategic consulting, and more.


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