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From Toys to Games, every industry is changing rapidly. So, Companies who will not evolve with the changing market dynamics wil become obselete in future

Crypto might look risk but no one can deny the effictiveness of blockchain. Today children are born with iphone in their hand, assuming that kids will play more with conventional toys might be a myth. Collectibles are not always meant to be bought from galleries, NFT is revolutioning the Industry.

Collectibles Market Research

Collectibles Market research, Investment research, Collectibles Consulting, etc.

Metaverse Consulting

Virtual reality market research, Metaverse use cases, Metaverse market

Toys & Gaming Industry Intelligence

Conventional Toys Market, Branded Toys market, Digital Toys market, Games research

NFT Market Research

NFT Collectibles Market, NFT Use Cases, NFT in creators economy, etc.

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Our Services

Brand Strategy

Make your name known in the virtual world (Metaverse); Immersive gaming, Collectibles, NFT and ohters

Market Research

Gain strategic & competitive advantage with our top notch business intelligence and market research services.

Investment Intel

Not everything in Metaverse, collectibles & NFT will turn out to be gold...take informed decision with Staticker

Merger & Acquisitions

Be ahead of your competitors, Identify the right partner or discover the next unicorn with Staticker.

Digital Transformation

World is evolving! Digital Tranformation is the key to Success. Take a proactive approach with us.

Product Pipeline Anlaysis

Remain updated on competitor's products in pipeline, R&D strategies.

Worldwide Market Research

Serving clients worldwide through our strong network of business experts and market researchers.

Vision Consulting

Put your business on the right track with us, identify the future trends, opportunities and revenue streams.

Investment Consulting

Let your money work for you! Staticker helps clients find the right opportunity.

Secure Your Future

The world is going digital. Do you have AR, VR, Metaverse, blockchain embedded in your business strategy.

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Add the power of Impeccable research,  become a Staticker client

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