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In this era, Collectibles are not only items of Intrinsic Value but also a perfect asset class for wealth allocation. Metaverse and NFT is set to bring a revolution and create a parallel economy.

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Brand Strategy

Make your name known in the virtual world (Metaverse); Immersive gaming, Collectibles, NFT, Toys and other industries

Market Research

Gain strategic & competitive advantage with our top notch business intelligence and market research services.

Investment Intel

Not everything in Metaverse, collectibles & NFT will turn out to be gold...take informed decision with Staticker

Merger & Acquisitions

Be ahead of your competitors, Identify the right partner or discover the next unicorn with Staticker.

Digital Transformation

World is evolving! Digital Tranformation is the key to Success. Take a proactive approach with us.

Product Pipeline Anlaysis

Remain updated on competitor's products pipeline, R&D strategies.

Collectibles Market Research

Art Collectibles Market

Most Loved Collectibles

Art Collectibles Market
Sports Collectibles Market

Passion Driven Collectibles

Sports Collectibles Market
Classic Car Collectibles Market

Vintage cars are Classic

Classic Car Collectibles
Vintage Watch Collectibles Market

Precious & Historic

Watch & Jewelry Collectibles
Collectible Coins Market

Honor the Passion of Collecting

Collectible Coins, Stamps & More
Collectibles Market

Invest in Collectibles Market

Other Collectibles

NFT(Non-Fungible Token) Collectibles Market and Creater Economy !

Grafic Art

As NFT is making its way into the art world, there are endless possibilities and opportunities coming up.

GIFs & Videos

As animated NFTs are gaining traction, new business areas and new revenue streams are emerging.


Staticker is providing in depth consulting to the sellers and investors of NFT collectibles.

Avatars & Skins

Metaberse in gaming is booming and we will provide complete intelligence on how avatars, skins & virtual world can be integrated with your gaming portfolio.


NFT is a very potential way of storing your musical creation, secured sharing and selling your asset to third parties using blockchain framework.


NFT has potential to expand into endless areas like financial services, healthcare and more. Staticker will help you explore more on this technology and opportunities.

Toys & Games Market Research

Toy Collectibles

Toy collectibles has become a hot market and toy manufacturers should have a concrete plan to capitalize on this.

Smart Toys

Toys are becoming smarter and we are there to help you in markets like interactive toys & games, robotic toys and more.

Immersive Games

Immersive games, AR & VR technologies are set to transform the gaming industry and Staticker is providing turnkey advisory services to help you grow.


In Esports market, we are working with clients on areas like advertising, sponsorships, media rights and others.

Toys & Games

Toys & games industry is diverse and with changing consumer tastes, companies need to update their portfolio as per the demand.


Staticker is providing turnkey business intelligence for toys & games industry including new product development, competitor analysis, opportunities and more.

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