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Who Are We

We, the team of business analysts at Staticker, are passionate about analyzing and researching markets and industries. As a business research and consulting company, we are a partner in your strategic decision making and growth. We believe that at the forefront of our knowledge-based work, lies the ability to understand our client’s business research needs which greatly varies and is really diverse. Depending upon the industry in which you operate and the size of your business, we provide you with the right business research solution.

Our experts have been consistently working with our clients in order to understand their business research needs and providing them with a tailored solution.  Our expertise include tracking your competitors or industry that you operate in on regular basis and providing you with the most meaningful insights, executing projects relating to supply chain research & procurement intelligence, market size estimation & forecasting, business, financial and sustainability health analysis of companies and others.

Whom we serve?

We have research solutions for business of all sizes. May it be a large to medium sized enterprise or a start-up willing to drive its growth through informed decision making. Our team of experts have been rigorously involved in working with companies of various sizes and into different industries to support their growth strategies and decision making.  Our team of business analysts have been relentlessly working with our clients in various industries that include heavy machinery, mining & construction, healthcare, chemical, automotive, consumer goods & durables, manufacturing and others.

We complement the in-house research team of medium and large sized enterprises, being their business research partners, and have been of vital importance in executing their research and business intelligence assignments. We have also been executing end-to-end research projects for start-ups and small sized companies, thereby, providing them full-time, cost-efficient research solutions.

Why us?

We value our profession and understand how crucial our role is in your decision making and growth. In the knowledge-based industry that we operate in, there are several things that are of prime importance. These include willingness to understand clients’ needs and requirements, the reliability of the researched information that is provided, and on-time execution of projects. All our research projects are executed by team of senior analysts, under the guidance of team leads and research managers who have vast experience in their respective industry/domain.

Our 6-Step Analytics Framework


Problem Identification

We believe that a business problem correctly identified is 50% solved. We help you identify the right problematic areas in your business through data and research.


Data Collection

Data is the key and collecting the right quantitative and qualitative data is critical for reaching the right solution. We guide you on how to collect and use business data to decipher opportunities.


Root Cause Analysis

A business data set has a lot to tell. We deep-dive into various parameters through machine learning and statistical models and identify the right cause of business problem.


Analytics solution

In the world of analytics, the approach is what that matters. Through selection of right ML algorithms and statistical tools we design a complete analytics solution tailored to your business.


Action Plan

Based on all the analytics and our research based approach, we devise the right action plan that fits your business framework.


Performance Management

Analytics and machine learning is a dynamic process. Frequent evaluation of the adopted action plan and analytics framework is critical. We help you assess how good your analytics framework is and value additions that are required.

Why Choose Us?

A one stop solution for all your business intelligence needs at an affordable price

Our AI based approach to analytics and market research gives you the right knowledge and insights required for critical business decisions.

Our business intelligence experts are at your service for 24 hours. You can call / Chat with  us anytime or reach out to us through email. 

Quality is our priority. All the data and insights that we provide are cross validated at multiple check-points.

We are the best at meeting deadlines. Through our fast track process, we make sure that you get what you require on time.

We offer a full refund in-case we fail to deliver what is promised or we are not able to deliver the project on time.

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