Sustainability and Compliance Research Services

When in Rome do as Romans do!

In today’s business environment, sustainability plays a vital role. It is very important for companies to be aware of the sustainability regulations that prevail in the industry they are operating in and ensure compliance. Under sustainability and compliance research services, we provide detailed information on sustainability requirements and standards that prevail in any particular industry & the compliance standards adopted by competitors, manufacturers/suppliers or other stakeholders in the value chain.

Practical Business Case on Sustainability Research

Client requirement – The client is a Chinese manufacturer of multi media filters. I was willing to expand into the European countries. However, the client was not well aware of the quality certifications and parameters that are required by a company to sell its multi-media industrial water filters in EU countries.

Our solution – We provided a detailed report on the required regulatory certifications for a company to operate (manufacturer as well as sell) in this business in EU. These included the below:

  • Water quality parameters and tests that an industrial multi-media filter in Europe must pass through
  • Spare parts and components quality certifications
  • Import-export regulations and duties
  • Environmental sustainability parameters to be adhered to when operating a manufacturing plant in Europe.
  • Waste disposal, working environment and other workplace related compliance

Other crucial pointers that a business must be well aware of when expanding its presence in Europe