Procurement and supply chain intelligence

Manage vendors, Streamline Supply Chain & Mitigate risk.

With our procurement and supply chain intelligence services we assist manufacturers in efficiently managing and streamlining their supply chain. We also help in identifying the right suppliers as per their operating geographies and other requirements. Our expertise includes providing supplier’s business and financial health assessment and sustainability research services.

Practical Business Case on Procurement and Supply Chain Intelligence

Client requirement – The client is a Europe based construction equipment manufacturer. It has partnerships with suppliers across various countries who supply spare parts, accessories and various components used in the manufacturing process. The client was willing to assess its supply chain risk and was also looking for alternative suppliers for few components in the APAC region.

Our solution – We formulated a supplier assessment framework to assess suppliers on various parameters such as business performance, financial performance, governance, sustainability and compliance. Every supplier was assessed on all these parameters and a detailed supplier scorecard was prepared. The suppliers who fall in red zones were identified and corrective measures were taken to mitigate supply chain risks.