Financial Research

For Asset managers, VC, PE firms, brokerage and others.

Under financial research, we provide complete analysis of company’s financial health through balance sheet assessment, ratio analysis, capital investments and others. Every industry has its own financial standards, financial ratios and margins that are regarded as healthy. An investor needs to be well aware of the financial position of the company which it is willing to acquire/looking to invest in. We specialize in providing research services for private equity firms, investment banks and other small and large investors.

Practical Business Case on Financial Health Assessment

Client requirement – The client is a European private equity company which was willing to track the five year financial health and margins of fifty bio pharmaceutical companies in Europe as well as in the U.S. as a part of its project to identify its acquisition targets in the biopharmaceutical segment. The client also wanted information on the total number of companies that attracted investments from private equity firms in these two regions in past five years.

Our solution – We presented the complete financial health assessment of fifty potential biopharmaceutical companies  for the five year period along with other key indicators such as operating and gross profit margins, capital investments and others. As the second part of the project, all the biopharmaceutical companies in the United States and Europe which got publicly listed in past five years were identified and were presented along with their business and financial growth performance.